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Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen is a fiscally recognized Public Benefit Organization(ANBI/PBO). This means that a donation to Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen is tax-deductible.

PBO’s need to publish the following information

Statutory name

Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen

Statutes (Dutch only) Statues (PDF)
Chamber of Commerce number


Identificantion number
legal entities and


Postal adress

Groenestraat 294


Groenestraat 294


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The purpose of the Huurteams Nijmegen foundation is helping and looking after the interests of tenants in Nijmegen, whereby the foundation in particular, but not exclusively, focuses on student-tenants. Furthermore all that is directly or indirectly related to this or that may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense of the word.


The outlines of our policy can be found in our 'action plan'. Attained goals can also be foun in the annual reports.

Plan van aanpak 2019-2022 (link)

Board members

Chairwoman: M. (Marwa) Sayed 
Treasurer: M.B. (Maarten) Heinemann
Secretary: J. (Joni) Visser

Supervisory board

ChairmanMr. drs. P. Eymaal (appointed per 1 oktober 2017)
Secretarymw. D.A. Mulder MSc (appointed per 1 oktober 2017)

Remuneration policy

The board and supervisory positions, are in according with the statutes, honorary. Huurteams Nijmegen has two part-time employees, for a total of 1,4 fte. The financial report can be found in our annual report.

Report of the applied activities and financial

The report of the activities performed and the financial accountability can be found in the annual reports. (Dutch only)

  • Annual report 2019
  • Annual report 2018
  • Annual report 2017
  • Annual report 2016
  • Annual report 2015
  • Annual report 2014
  • Annual report 2013
  • Annual report 2012
  • Annual report 2011
  • Annual report 2010
  • Annual report 2009