Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen is founded on January the 28th in 2009, with the objective to help and look after the interests of, mostly studying, tenants in buildings in Nijmegen with too high rents, all-in rental prices, maintenance problems or service costs. Huurteams Nijmegen visits your home to determine what the maximum allowed rental price is, based on the property valuation system (woningwaarderingssyteem). If a tenant pays to much rent, Huurteams Nijmegen will help the tenant with contacting their landlord. If necessary Huurteams Nijmegen will start a procedure with the Huurcommissie (Rental Committee). Also, Huurteams Nijmegen gives legal advice.

Confronting the landlord is never a pleasant affair because of the dependent position of tenants. Also, most tenants do not know enough about their legal rights in renting a home. These are the reasons that too high rental prices and other wrongdoings aren’t reported frequently. Due to her legal expertise Huurteams Nijmegen operates as a professional mediation company between tenant and landlord. This is why problems are solves easily. Service costs and maintenance cases require even more legal expertise; tenants could not perform them without help from Huurteams Nijmegen.

The Gemeente Nijmegen provides Huurteams Nijmegen with a little subsidy of €40.000 a year. Therefore Huurteams Nijmegen has the possibility to hire two part time employees; a executive manager and a legal assistant. They are supported by a team of volunteers of legal advisers who are trained by the board members to do their jobs.