Is it possible to submit a case and start a procedure?

It is always possible to submit your case to Huurteams Nijmegen. We provide in a wide range of services. Most of our services are related to procedures at the Rent Tribunal (Huurcommissie). Click here to read more about the Rent Tribunal. Our services consist of (but are not excluded to):

  • Objection to the (annual) increase in rent
  • All-in Price
  • Lowering of the rent
  • Maintenance defects
  • Service charges
  • Assement of initial rent.
  • Retrieving your deposit

After you have submitted your case we will assist you with the next steps. 

Please note: In the first six months after you signed your rental agreement, the reasonability of the initial rental price can be assessed and you can reclaim the overpaid amount of rent from the moment you initiated the procedure. This is not possible if six months have already passed.