Am I paying to much?

The rental law in the Netherlands gives the landlord and the tenant a number of legally determined obligations. These legally determined rules are called the mandatory laws and apply when no diverging rules have been established. Every tenant, also students, can call upon their rental rights. How do you know if the requested price matches the actual quality?

In the Netherlands there are legal rules for determining rental prices in the non-liberalized (social) sector. At the website www.huurcommissie.nl you can calculate your rent. You can also calculate whether the additional service costs and other costs are correct.

In case you can prove that your initial rent is too high, your landlord might not agree with a decrease in rent or a refund of the overpaid amount. In that case, you can present the dispute to the rental commission. If you do this within six months after you signed your contract, you can reclaim the overpaid amount of rent from the moment you initiated the procedure.

Huurteams Nijmegen can assist you in these proceedings, taking over the entire process for you, or providing you with the right legal arguments so that you can contact our landlord yourselves, depending or which approach you prefer.