• Safety of clients, volunteers and staff always comes first.
  • RIVM guidelines are leading.
  • The focus of this protocol is hygiene and safety measures.
  • Phased start-up involving partial work from home, partial start-up for office work, and necessarily home visits also take place. The tax on public transport is avoided as much as possible.
  • Priorities are:
    • Home visits
    • Activities that take place at the office.
    • Dealing with materials that are exchanged.
  • 1.5 meters distance applies to staff, volunteers, clients and the persons themselves.
  • This protocol offers the possibility to perform certain activities again, but does not create the obligation to actually do so. If the personal situation does not permit safe working with the aid of the protocol, then this is of course not mandatory.

Hygiene and safety at start-up

Hard regulations:

  • The current RIVM guidelines are leading. That means:
    • We keep a distance of five feet from each other and from the clients,
    • We wash our hands well and often,
    • We don't shake hands,
    • We cough in our elbow,
    • We don't touch our face,
    • We stay at home if we, or someone from our family / living situation, have complaints
  • The RIVM guidelines also prescribe hygiene measures. This means that at the office is available:
    • Disinfectant hand gel,
    • Paper towels,
    • Surface sprays

Home visits

  • Home visits are adjusted as much as possible, with a 1.5 meter distance between the volunteer and the client being guaranteed.
  • If this is not possible, some parts of the visit will be done digitally.
  • If prior to or during the home visit it appears that a person involved has complaints, the home visit will be postponed or canceled immediately.
  • In a house with several residents, we request the client(s) to ensure that our volunteer only has contact with one person.
  • Even if several clients live in the same building, one person speaks to our volunteer and gives you access to the areas to be measured.
  • Volunteers avoid contact with doorknobs and other contact surfaces at the client's location. This means that the client opens doors for the volunteer.
  • If a client refuses to cooperate with the guidelines, the volunteer may decide to end the home visit.

Changed services due to COVID-19

At Stichting Huurteams Nijmegen, the health and safety of our clients and employees is of great importance.

To keep you and others healthy amid the growing concerns surrounding the corona virus (COVID-19), we take measures to follow the guidelines of the RIVM and to protect the health of those involved in Huurteams Nijmegen as much as possible. These measures have been elaborated in a protocol that includes the following principles that are relevant to you.