All-in price

Rental law in the Netherlands gives the landlord and the tenant a number of legally determined obligations. These legally determined rules are called the mandatory laws and apply when no diverging rules have been established. Every tenant, also students, can call upon their rental rights. How do you know if the requested price matches the actual quality?

For starters, the rent has to be diveded in two:

  1. Basic rent
    This consists of the rent you pay for the usage of the 'bare' rental. This does not include utility costs etc.
  2. Service costs
    The service costs function as a reimbursement for the costs that your landlord makes to grant you services. usually this consists of cost for utilities, movable property, and can also consist of internet/tv-connection, cleaning, certain types of insurence. If the landlord also takes care of small daily repairs, he is also allowed to charge you in the form of service costs.  It is not allowed for a landlord to make a profit off the service costs he charges you.

When the basic rent and payment for the service costs are not divided, there is a so-called all-in price. When there is an all-in price the landlord can not indicate which part of the rent is the basic rent and which part the service costs. Because of that it is not possible to check if the rent is conform the legally allowed price. Thereby the landlord also can not demand an annual increase of the rental price, because we do not know what the rental price is.

Do you have an all-in price? Submit your case and Huurteams Nijmegen can help you divide the price. In some cases the price gets halved! It is surely worth the effort to divide the price.