Maintenance defects

It is possible that your house or room has maintenance defects. When it comes to big maintenance, the responsibility lies with the landlord. For example, he or she is responsible for taking care of repairing damages such as leakage, for maintenance of windowframes, replacing locks and doors or renovation of the facades. But also reparations such as replacing a broken heater, showerhead or toilet seat are for the landlord’s account.

Small and daily maintenance, along with the repair of damages that you caused yourself, are your own responsability. If the landlord also takes care of these small daily repairs, he or she is allowed to charge you for them in the form of service costs. However, this is only the case when you and your landlord discussed and agreed on this explicitly.

You can also find the distinction in the policy book of the Rental Tribunal (Only available in Dutch).  So not all defects are to be repaired by the landlord. Huurteams Nijmegen can advise you with which defects are your responsibility and which the landlord has to take care of.  Huurteams Nijmegen can help you when there are defects to your living space that you landlord refuses to repair. Unfortunately, Huurteams Nijmegen can not force your landlord to repair the defects, but the Rental Committee can lower the rental price (considerably) until the defects have been repaired.

Do you experience some maintenance issues at the moment? Submit your case and we will assist you free of charge.